Argentina committed to playing Copa America in Brazil

Lionel Messi-Argentina
Lionel Messi-Argentina

The AFA has released a statement showing its commitment to the competition.

Argentina will take part in Copa America in Brazil, confirmed by AFA (Argentina Football Association)

It has been reported that the host nations Brazil were in talks with the likes of Uruguay and Argentina to take a stand against the competition in the wake of the pandemic surge.

However, much to Selecao’s disappointment, Argentina have decided to show their commitment to Copa America.

A statement from AFA read: “The Argentine National Team confirms its participation in the Copa America 2021, as reflected by its sporting spirit throughout its history.”

With a huge effort from the Argentine Football Association, which placed at everyone’s disposal all the necessary tools available to guarantee each of the specific care requested in this difficult time we are going through, the National Team will travel to Brazil to play the continental tournament.

“All the staff of the Albiceleste team will work together to overcome this adversity that, unfortunately, affects all South Americans equally.”

Argentina and Colombia were slated to host the competition, but the host venue was changed to Brazil due to the increase of COVID-19 cases in both countries.

Brazilians have been left frustrated with the decision due to the fact that their country lies on the same page in terms of pandemic crisis.

In the aftermath, Brazilian coach Tite stated that the players are against the idea of hosting Copa America on home soil, and he also added that midfielder Casemiro skipped the training sessions as means of taking the stand.