Liverpool and Manchester United in talks for European Premier League

Championship playoffs for Premier League qualification

Premier League giants are planning for a new FIFA-backed tournament

Premier League giants – Liverpool and Manchester United at the helm – are reportedly planning for European Premier League, a new FIFA-backed tournament which will involve Europe’s top clubs.

According to reports, top clubs from Germany, Spain, England and Italy are in negotiations to become the founding members of the competition.

Premier League giants including the likes of Arsenal, Tottenham and Manchester City are also said to be leaning towards the new competition.

If the European Premier League sees its light, a total of 18 teams will comprise it as per the plans of FIFA, Football’s world governing body.

It is also added that the regular fixtures will be played during the regular season and the top-placed team would further participate in the knockouts to conclude the winner. The ultimate winners would be awarded prize money worth 100m pounds each year.

All the contesting teams would earn around 100m pounds for participation and the league is likely to dethrone UEFA Champions League should it come to foray.

A spokesperson from FIFA addressed the speculations: “FIFA does not wish to comment and participate in any speculation about topics which come up every now and then and, for which, institutional structures and regulatory frameworks are well in place at national, European and global level.”

Many fear that the proposed league would change the landscape of European football and have a profound effect on the low-level clubs just like the Project Big Picture, which has created a fuss in recent weeks.