Manchester City and United – not to furlough staff

Manchester City and United have decided - not to furlough staff

Manchester City: We remain determined to protect our people, their jobs and our business

Manchester City are the first Premier League club to confirm they will not furlough staff during the current coronavirus crisis.

They held a boardroom meeting on Friday to discuss several issues, and decided not to furlough any staff. The Blues wrote to all 463 numbers of non-playing staff to let them know that they will continue to pay salaries as normal for the duration of the global health crisis, which has forced the suspension of football across the planet.

As well as killing thousands in the UK, the Covid-19 outbreak has also brought much of the country’s economy – including the football industry – grinding to a halt.

We can confirm, following a decision by the chairman and board last week, that Manchester City will not be utilising the UK Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (government funded furloughing).

We remain determined to protect our people, their jobs and our business whilst at the same time doing what we can to support our wider community at this most challenging time for everybody.

Omar Berrada, Chief operating officer wrote to all staff 

Liverpool and Tottenham were slammed after announcing plans to furlough employees amid coronavirus crisis

Five top-flight sides have already decided to place non-playing staff on furlough, meaning the government will pay 80 per cent of their wages while they are not working. As well as Liverpool and Tottenham, Newcastle, Bournemouth and Norwich are the other Premier League sides to place non-playing staff on furlough.

Tottenham and Liverpool – who together made more than £150m profit according to their most recent accounts – have come in for particular criticism for their decision to furlough staff.

Manchester United followed the example and announced not to furlough 900 non-playing staff

Manchester United are expected to follow neighbours City – will continue to pay staff in full, and according to reports will seek out ways the club’s employees can help the UK’s efforts to combat the killer virus through volunteering.

The publication said United will not ask for Government cash, and will instead pay employees in full and explore opportunities for them to volunteer which could help the nation’s efforts to fight the spread of coronavirus.