West Brom manager backs FA and Premier League to decide the five-subs rule

Championship playoffs for Premier League qualification

West Bromwich Albion manager Steven Bilic has backed calls for the FA and the Premier League to have the final say in the debate regarding the reintroducing five substitutes to the Premier League.

The Baggies manager who was speaking after his side’s one-nil win over Sheffield United has stated that the authorities had the right to make the final decision even if he may not ‘agree with the decision.’

The debate about re-introducing five substitutes into the PL has been raging on for months, with Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder, the leading voice among coaches opposing the rule.

Wilder’s position is clearly against that of Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp, who has been the most vocal supporter of the proposal and whose side has suffered the most from a gruelling fixture list that has resulted in injuries to several of his players.

And now Bilic has waded into the debate, taking a more diplomatic position and calling on the authorities to take the initiative.

“We’re all selfish. It’s not selfish in a negative way,” he said of Klopp and Wilder.

“You have a job, it’s your responsibility to do the job, and part of that is finding ways to suit your team and how they can affect your club better.

“The difference between three subs and five subs when we play those sides is our advantage, against those big clubs.”

“Scott Parker said it best – the decision should be made by the authorities, by the Premier League or the FA. Maybe I’m not going to agree with it, but I’d have to go along with it.”

It remains to be seen what side of the debate the FA or Premier League will dance to as the clubs enter the hectic December period.