32 Most Valued European Clubs: Real, United, Barca topped list

32 Most Valued European Clubs - Real, United, Barca topped list
32 Most Valued European Clubs - Real, United, Barca topped list

KPMG have released fifth annual club assessment report, which ranks the 32 most valued European football clubs based on their ‘Enterprise Value’ in January 2020. The report reveals that Real Madrid, Manchester United and Barcelona have secured top three positions. Bayern Munich which exchanged their position with Barcelona, are now at fourth position.

Revenue/Earning for Valuation

Revenue Multiple approach was used to measure the value of the clubs.
This methodology is suitable and often applied for establishing an indicative value of football clubs for three main reasons-

  • Revenue figures are quite easy to access and compare, as they are less distorted by accounting adjustments;
  • Unlike earnings, which can be negative for many clubs, revenue multiples can be applied also to the most troubled clubs;
  • Revenues are not as volatile as earnings.

Factors for Most Valued European Clubs Assessment

In order to reflect club-specific characteristics that influence clubs’ EV, five parameters were considered – each with their own specific weight.

  • Profitability – For profitability dimension, the staff costs-to-revenue ratio of the last two financial years was taken into consideration. Wages of players, technical and other staff make up by far the largest part of all expenditures. A high ratio indicates a lower capability to generate bottom-line profits.
  • Popularity – Social media followers (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube followers) of a team are deemed to be a good indicator of popularity and fan engagement.
  • Sporting Potential – As on-field success of a club can generate significant match-day, commercial and broadcasting revenues, “Market Valuation” was used to understand this factor.
  • Broadcasting Rights – One of the main source of revenue now-a-days, as matches are broadcast live in more than 170 countries.
  • Stadium Ownership – A club-owned stadium generally represents more opportunity to generate revenues from match-day earnings or otherwise.

List of 32 Most Valued European Clubs

ClubsCountryYoY increaseValuation
(€ Million)
1 Real Madrid CF Spain+8%3,478
2 Manchester United FC England+4%3,342
3 FC Barcelona Spain+19%3,193
4 FC Bayern München Germany+7%2,878
5 Liverpool FC England+27%2,658
6 Manchester City FC England+6%2,606
7 Chelsea FC England-0.4%2,218
8 Tottenham Hotspur FC England+23%2,067
9 Paris Saint-Germain FC France+45%1,911
10 Arsenal FC England-8%1,852
11 Juventus FC Italy+12%1,735
12 Borussia Dortmund Germany+18%1,281
13 Atlético de Madrid Spain+19%1,197
14 FC Internazionale Milano Italy+42%983
15 FC Schalke 04 Germany+6%814
16 AS Roma Italy+17%602
17 SSC Napoli Italy+4%590
18 West Ham United FC England-3%561
19 Leicester City FC England-12%558
20 Olympique Lyonnais France+17%543
21 Everton FC England-2%533
22 AC Milan Italy-5%526
23 AFC Ajax Nederlands+37%432
24 SL Benfica Portugal+23%410
25 Valencia CF SpainNEW408
26 Sevilla FC Spain+6%372
27 Galatasaray SK Turkey+49%366
28 SS Lazio Italy+11%328
29 Athletic Club Bilbao Spain-5%320
30 FC Porto PortugalNEW313
31 Beşiktaş JK Turkey-19%310
32 Villarreal CF Spain+22%301
List of 32 Most Valued European Clubs

FC Porto (Portugal) and Valencia (Spain) are new entrants in the list of 32 most valued club, whereas Monaco (France) and Celtic (Scotland) have lost their places in top-32, in current year (2020).

Country-wise List – Number of Top Clubs and Average Valuation

Countries20162017201820192020Average Club Value (€ Million)
Country-wise List – Number of Top Clubs and their Valuations