Rick Parry looking to solve EFL financial crisis with Premier League aid

West Brom secure second place in Championship to qualify in PL

Ten EFL clubs are currently struggling to pay their wages this month.

Clubs across the country have suffered severe financial losses because of the Coronavirus crisis and the Premier league’s proposed £50m rescue package for the League One and League Two clubs was recently described as pitiful by committee chairman Julian Knight.

The offer was turned down back in October. 

The top Premier League clubs are expected to help out the teams in lower divisions and it will be interesting to see if EFL chairman Rick Parry can sort out the situation by the end of this month.

Parry is all set to enter into talks with the Premier League that could help out the lower divisions financially.

According to reports, the Premier League is prepared to help out the championship clubs  and it remains to be seen whether they are keen on aiding the League One and League Two  clubs in a gesture of solidarity.

Parry said: “We would very much like to do a deal with the Premier League, we are having a constructive dialogue. 

“It was our League One and League Two clubs last month who, in a gesture of solidarity, said they did not want to abandon the Championship, they wanted a deal for the League as a whole, which was commendable.

“The Premier League has now said that it is prepared to consider the Championship so I think we can move forwards on that basis.”