Sergio Ramos reveals the circumstances that led to his Real Madrid exit

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos reveals the circumstances that led to his club exit after 16 years.

Sergio Ramos-Real Madrid

Real Madrid confirmed the departure of Sergio Ramos yesterday, and the defender has now opened up on the reasons behind his exit.

The Spanish international left Santiago Bernabeu after 16 years at the club, and he has helped them win 22 major trophies during his time at Real Madrid.

The 35-year-old is set to pursue a new challenge now, and he has been linked with the likes of Paris Saint Germain and Manchester City in recent weeks.

Speaking to the media during his farewell earlier today, the defender revealed that he never wanted to leave for Real Madrid and that he was offered a new contract.

Apparently, the pandemic delayed negotiations, and the new deal offered to him came with a salary reduction.

However, Ramos had no problems with the money, and he wanted a two-year deal instead of just a single year because he wanted stability for himself and his family.

However, the defender eventually agreed to a one-year extension. Still, the contract offer came with an expiry date, and by the time Ramos made his decision, the offer was withdrawn.

The defender claims that he wasn’t aware of the expiry date in the contract offer, and perhaps it was a misunderstanding from his end.

He said: “Many things have happened. The first thing I’d like to make clear is that I never wanted to leave Real Madrid.

“That was always my mindset. We won the post-lockdown league, and then the club offered me the chance to offer my contract.

“But, that was delayed because of situations like the pandemic. The club then offered me a one-year extension with a salary reduction.

“I want to make clear that money was never the problem. It was the years because I wanted stability for my family.

“I wanted two years, and they offered one. I repeat, the economic factor was never the reason.

“Lately, I said I would accept, but then I was told the offer wasn’t there anymore, that there had been an expiry date. I hadn’t realised.

“That really surprised me. I thought the offer, or proposal or chat, was on the table. Maybe I misunderstood it.”

Either way, the defender has played his last game for Real Madrid, and it will be interesting to see where he ends up this summer.

The 35-year-old is still a top-class player, and he could be a valuable addition to most teams across Europe despite his age.

It remains to be seen how Real Madrid replace an influential player like him who has been integral to their success over the last decade.