Serie-A: Matches will be played behind closed doors until April 3

Serie A - Matches will be played behind closed doors until April 3
Serie A - Matches will be played behind closed doors until April 3

The Italian government has announced that Serie-A games will be held behind closed doors until at least April 3 as part of their new guidelines against the coronavirus pandemic.

This measure, which was officially made public on Wednesday, won’t only affect football but all sports events attended by fans. The coronavirus has affected more than thousands people in Italy, causing high mortality.

Serie A has readjusted its calendar and all games will be played behind closed doors. The second legs of the Coppa Italia semi-finals, which were set to see Juventus face AC Milan and Napoli take on Inter, scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, were officially suspended.

Serie-A Matches behind Closed Doors

Sports events and competitions of all types and disciplines, held in every place, both public and private, are also suspended; however, it is permitted in municipalities other than those listed in Annex 1 the decree of the Prime Minister of 1 March 2020, and subsequent amendments, the conduct of the aforementioned events and competitions, as well as the training sessions of competitive athletes, inside sports facilities used behind closed doors, or outdoors without the presence of the public; in all such cases, associations and sports clubs, by means of their medical staff, are required to carry out the appropriate checks to contain the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus among athletes, technicians, managers and all accompanying persons who participate in it. The basic sport and motor activities in general, carried out outdoors or inside gyms, swimming pools and sports centers of each type, are admitted only on condition that it is possible to allow compliance with the recommendation set out in Annex.

Part of the Government decree relating to sport; the decree signed by Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte 

We need to be aware of the very serious health problems. We have to try finish the season in the most regular way possible, without creating a competitive imbalance. But as you can see, the situation keeps changing and we’re waiting for a new government measure. Playing behind closed doors could be the only way to finish the season.

Giuseppe Marotta, Inter director

5 Matches were rescheduled to 13 May.